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Why U-Save?
Our wheels are always turning.

U-Save’s initial and ongoing training programs are designed to help our franchise partners implement proven best practices with regard to operating, managing and marketing their franchises. Our curriculum includes a formal training class, followed by intensive hands-on training at the franchise location. Some of the new skills our franchise partners learn quickly and become proficient in are:

• Effectively managing a rental fleet
• Acquiring and disposing of vehicles
• Marketing & networking in their local communities
• Understanding the financial keys to their local business
• Managing risk to minimize insurance losses
• Developing effective retail counter procedures
• Marketing to insurance replacement and wholesale markets

Personal Support
In addition, the U-Save Franchise Services Team assigns a qualified auto rental professional to work closely with each of our newest franchise partners. This person serves as a personal business consultant to help them navigate the pitfalls of the business and identify opportunities as well. When you’re just starting out, it’s nice to know that help is just a phone call away.

Operational Support
By linking our experience with “The Power of U”—i.e. the entrepreneurial drive of our franchise partners—we’ve been able to build a national brand that’s truly unique in the industry. In keeping with our drive to achieve mutual success, we provide our franchise partners with the following support services to promote profitable operations and continued success:

U-Save has relationships partnerships with leading financial institutions to give you an extraordinary advantage when it comes to financing and credit lines.

U-Save’s insurance program is the most progressive in the industry—managed by U-Save to deliver long-term stability, competitive rates and outstanding claims service.

Fleet Acquisition & Management
U-Save’s buying power attracts major car manufacturers—familiar names like Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan, Toyota and more—who allow our franchise partners to acquire their vehicles at highly competitive prices. Plus, U-Save is known and respected at leading car auctions across the country.

U-Save has invested heavily in marketing, specifically for the digital age. Our efforts in Search Engine Optimization continue to ensure top results on Google, Bing and other search engines. Plus, we also feature one-on-one marketing guidance, personalized franchise websites, a state of the art reservation system, customizable ads and marketing collateral—and much more.

The U-Save Brand
Driving people to your door is a lot easier when you have the support of a nationally recognized brand. U-Save has become a familiar player in the auto rental industry—not just in airports, but in local neighborhoods & communities across the country.

With nearly 150 franchises and more than 4000 vehicles, U-Save’s franchise partners serve airports and local neighborhoods throughout 42 states.

For specific franchise information contact:

US and International Locations
1-800-438-2300  (ext. 154)
» Download rental franchise application (PDF)

Mexico Locations