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The total investment for a U-Save franchise varies according to whether it’s a stand-alone business or an add-on to an existing business. Other factors such as the size of the fleet, number of employees required, and the specific territory or market may also come into play. Typically, our franchise partners finance their opening inventory of at least 15-20 vehicles. In addition, U-Save generally requires franchisees to have a minimum net worth of $300,000 with at least $60,000 in liquid assets.

Initial Investment

The payments to U-Save that a new franchise partner can expect in order to begin operations with a 20-car fleet are as follows:

New franchise partners pay a one-time franchise fee that is location specific based on the population of the market or specific territory of interest for airports and neighborhood markets. Monthly royalty rates start at just 3% for neighborhood markets and 6% for airport markets.

The above graph shows the revenue of the car rental industry. The industry has achieved asnew record in rental revenue in 2013, while average fleet grew about 1.86 million units. That translates to revenues of over 1,060 per unit, per month.


"I purchased an existing location in 2005 and over the last 9 1/2 years this business has been a tremendous blessing to me and my family.  I had no prior experience in the car business and relied heavily on the U-Save Team to help me build a business that competes "toe-to-toe" with the larger brands each and every day.  Within U-Save's proven system exists the right balance of flexibility that allows you to be nimble enough to stay ahead of the corporate structure of the competition."

Casey Skelton
Starkville, Tupelo & Louisville, MS

For specific franchise information contact:

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1-800-438-2300  (ext. 154)
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